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Bikepacking Secrets
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Quickly Take Your Bikepacking to the Next Level With Proven Strategies Revealed by the World's Most Influential Endurance Athletes.
If you've ever wondered what kind of bikes and gear the most experienced bikepackers use, this is your private window into their world.

Quickly learn what bikepacking bags, gear and strategies you will need for your own multi-day cycling adventures conveniently packaged for you in one place.

Discover the bikepacking secrets of Tour Divide Race winners Mike Hall, Chris Plesko, Josh Kato and many others in this new 9 hour video series from award winning filmmaker and cyclist, Mike Dion.

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If you are just getting started or are a seasoned pro, you will take away actionable advice and wisdom from these down-to-earth athletes at the very top of their game.
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Introducing Bikepacking Secrets the world's first online video guide to easily learn and experience everything you need to conquer bikepacking adventures of your very own. 
19 videos. Over 10 hours of content. With more on the way...
  • Nearly 2 hours of tried and true knowledge from Mike Hall, Chris Plesko and Josh Kato. These guys have tested numerous bikepacking set-ups to land on their current bike and kit they rode in this years Tour Divide Race. We filmed them explaining in great detail their entire set-up and system the day before the big race in Banff Canada.
  •   See the Pivot bike and kit Mike Hall used to win the 2745 mile Tour Divide Race and set a mind-numbing new record of 13 days 22 hours 51 minutes.
  •   See the On One bike and kit Chris Plesko used to win the single speed category, come in 2nd behind Mike Hall and set a new single speed record with a time of 15 days 8 hours 4 minutes.
  •   See Josh Kato's Salsa Cycles bike and kit voted 'Most Sexy'. Josh won Tour Divide 2015 in 14 days 11 hours 37 minutes. Hear about the changes Josh made to his kit after his 2015 win. His insights are pure gold.
After You've Finished Watching, You'll Have a Complete Plan For Your Next (or first) Bikepacking Adventure...
  • BONUS #1 You will receive, for FREE, Mike Dion's three feature films: Inspired to Ride, Ride the Divide and Reveal the Path. You can stream or download these full-length feature films inside the Bikepacking Secrets Video Portal when you purchase Bikepacking Secrets today.
  • BONUS #2 During the world premiere for Inspired to Ride we put on a mini bikepacking summit. Over $5000 was spent creating this event. Audience members watched presentations from a handful of bikepacking legends: Billy Rice, Juliana Buhring, Neil Beltchenko, Mike Hall and Tracey Petervary. These have never been seen before (unless you were at the premiere) and we are making them available now inside the Bikepacking Secrets Video Portal for FREE.
  •   Watch Tracey Petervary discuss her many wins in Alaska racing 'Iditabike' 3000 miles along the Iditarod Trail. Tracey explains and shows her Salsa Cycles Fat Bike and the winter bikepacking kit that kept her alive racing in the subfreezing Alaska wilderness.
  •   Learn from Neil Beltchenko has he discusses winning the Colorado Trail Race and showing off the bike and gear that got him to the finish-line first.
  •   Billy 'yo-yo' Rice goes deep explaining training and nutrition for the up-and-coming endurance athlete.
  • BONUS #3 Bikepacking on a Road Bike? Yes of course! Watch Mike Hall go through his entire Pivot Cycles carbon road bike kit used to win the coast-to-coast Trans Am Bike Race.
  • BONUS #4 You've heard of Mathew Lee right? (Hint: He's the guy that started the Tour Divide Race) Well, we dug into the archives and found a video of him going through his Tour Divide race winning Cannondale bike and kit. The information he provides still holds true today - some of it perhaps even more so...
  •   Also in the archives is Kurt Refsnider going through his Salsa Cycles bike and kit he used to win the Tour Divide Race 2011. Kurt knows what he's talking about, he wrote a book about it...
  • BONUS #5 A digital version of the Reveal the Path Book. Kurt didn't write this book but he's in it along with Matthew Lee, Mike Dion and Hunter Weeks showcasing their 'round-the-world' bikepacking adventure. This limited edition book sold for $99 until it sold-out.
  • BONUS #6 Highly informative Extended Interviews from the cyclists featured in the film Inspired to Ride: Juliana Buhring, Mike Hall, Billy Rice and Brian Steele. 
  • BONUS #7 Have you ever wondered what the start of the Tour Divide Race is like in the picturesque town of Banff Canada? Well we edited together a fun 20 minute video of the 2016 Tour Divide Start as a bonus just for you. 
  •   We have two words for you: Crazy. Larry. People who've been at the start in Banff will know exactly what we're talking about...
  • BONUS #8 Purchase today and Bikepacking Secrets updates are FREE for life! When we update or add new trainings and videos to the Portal, you will have automatic access to them for free - forever! Scheduled updates on the horizon: Route 66 Race Bikes. Plus the kit Lael Wilcox uses touring the Colorado Trail.
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you'll discover inside Bikepacking Secrets...
Mike Hall
Chris Plesko
Josh Kato
Tour Divide Race Start
Inspired to Ride Trailer
Ride the Divide Trailer
Reveal the Path Trailer
Never Before Has This Much Bikepacking Information Been Compiled In One Place 

Imagine How Much Time and Money You Will Save Planning Your Own Adventures After Watching and Learning From Over 10 Hours of Education and Entertainment Inside Bikepacking Secrets

Combined, These Cyclists (your instructors) Have Spent Well Over $30,000 
and Many Years Perfecting Their Gear and Bikepacking Systems 

Are You Ready to Benefit Now From All Their Testing and 
Hard Work Out on the Roads and Trails...
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I download the videos to my iPhone?
A: Yes. You can choose to download or stream all the videos on either your iPhone or Android mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop and your desktop) There is an app available to make it very convenient to access all your videos at anytime.

Q: I'm not a racer but I want to go bikepacking with friends. Will this tell me what I need to know?
A: Yes. The gear and bikepacking set ups used by the cyclists featured in Bikepacking Secrets will be everything you need to successfully go out on multi-day bikepacking trips with friends. You can then add 'comfort' items, such as cooking, to your kit as you desire. We will be adding videos focusing on more leisurely bikepacking trips very soon. These will be uploaded to your account for free.

Q: I have a road bike, will these bikepacking set ups work for my carbon fiber road bike?
A: Yes. You could essentially use the exact same bags and kit for your road bike and your mountain bike. The only bag that will not transfer between bikes is if you use a main triangle bag. Mike Hall shows his gear and kit for his carbon fiber Pivot road bike used to win the Trans Am Bike Race.

Q: How do I access all the videos?
A: After your purchase you will be directed to your private account where you can easily access all of your videos in your Private Video Portal. At anytime you can choose to stream or download any of the films.

Q: If I delete one of the videos from my phone or computer can I download it again later?
A: Yes. Once you create your account to your Video Portal, you can access any of the videos to download or stream as many times as you want. 

Q: How long do I have access to the videos?
A: They are yours forever. Plus future updates or new videos we create will be uploaded for FREE inside your Video Portal.

Q: Can I watch these videos on a regular TV?
A: There are many options to possibly do this: Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Blu-Ray/DVD Player, Smart TV, Xbox 360, PS4. Inside your private account are instructions for your situation.

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